OnimushaI posted about the upcoming Onimusha movie ages ago, which has pretty much since then been as silent as a mute monkey in a barrel, something which saddens me very deeply. *sniff*

However, a new light at the end of the tunnel was kindly ignited by Merkaba, who informed me that the story for the upcoming Onimusha movie appears to now have been released, and reads as follows (thanks to www.commingsoon.net): – Note the real picky amongst you should take note that this storyline does contain spoilers – I suggest closing your eyes for the next couple of paragraphs

‘In feudal Japan, 1582, the warlord Nobunaga is ambushed by ninjas, led by the brave samurai Samanosuke. Trapped, Nobunaga commits seppuku, but two sinister sorcerers reanimate Nobunaga’s corpse with a half-human insect larvae. The resurrected Nobunaga orders the capture of two very special women to fulfil his evil plans.

When Britta, the daughter of a Dutch merchant, is abducted on board a ship by seemingly invincible warriors, her tutor and confidant Jacob pursues her captors, vowing to rescue her at all costs. Meanwhile, the beautiful Princess Yuki is also kidnapped, this time by ninjas that reveal themselves, incredibly, to be part spider. In search of Yuki, Samanosuke joins forces with Jacob to vanquish their common foe. In the Cave of Elders, he receives a magical sword that will slay all within its reach-friend or foe-and learns of a sinister ceremony at Inabayama Castle intended to blot out the sun.

Performing a dangerous, stealthy invasion of the castle, Samanosuke and Jacob find the women they love dressed as Moon Princess and Daughter of the Sun, ready to be wed to and ravished by Nobunaga. Aided by their allies, the two warriors attack the insectoid hordes, but Samanosuke falls in battle, seemingly dead. In a mystical encounter, he is given the option to survive and fight – but it comes at a terrible cost… …

Whether or not this storyline is in fact the one that is going to be used for the movie, I can’t help but sit and wait with a gleeful fanboy smile on my face in blissful anticipation of this movie adaptation of one of my all-time favourite games :)

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