Santa ClausLast night was Chantelle’s and my first War Council session in which we sat down and drew up the plans for the remainder of this month and the rapidly approaching December. We got a lot of events coming up and man, Christmas is scarily close around the corner!

This year hasn’t just flown past – it has progressed at the speed of light! Man, we’re going to have to soon start slowing our clocks down, just to combat this unnatural phenomenon :(

Of course, no War Council is complete without opening pancakes (you just know those battle-hardened Roman soldiers had to have their pancakes before planning any upcoming battle), so I whipped us up a batch and Chantelle completed the menu by cooking up a nice chicken, mushroom and cheese filling to complement the those evil little cakes. I still maintain it would have been even nicer without those icky mushroom thingies though.

After the sticky, cinnamon-sugar soaked mess that was supper, we sat around the round table and got to the serious business – planning our Christmas shopping lists, our upcoming weddings from gifts to dress, the next birthday bashes and even the split of the upcoming holiday …family time’. Pencil and paper in hand, we made notes, worked out budgets, came up with plans – heck, I thought I was at a business meeting! (Just for the record, the whole meeting thing was my idea in the first place – in case you are thinking that Chantelle was exercising some kind of torture regime over me after hours)

So we now have our roadmap for the next couple of weekends, and boy does it look busy. And it kicks off tonight with the purchase of Claire’s wedding gift, so we are literally starting right in the thick of things (thank goodness the gift registry at least makes the process a little easier to bear – even though I still don’t like the thought of these registry thingies – see post {0339} for more info on that).

And of course, we’ll need to keep our strength up, so I propose we go out for supper tonight as well – wouldn’t want us fainting or any other nancy pants thing like that you know ;)

P.S. Just saw the weather forecast for the tail-end of this week. Seems the country is in for quite a bit of wetness – just in time to spoil our upcoming Oudtshoorn trip. Grrrrr’.

(Note: Not Brrrr like in the Coke ads mind you – the white guy on the skateboard with the big eyes looks freaky!)