toilet paperLast night stage one of ‘The Plan’ went off successfully without a hitch. We picked up Claire and Riley’s wedding gift, got it wrapped, bought the card and then proceeded to reward ourselves with a nice meal at the perennial workhorse of Bellville, The Silver Spur.

Unfortunately, things didn’t end up all that great though, because this morning Chantelle woke up feeling extremely nauseous and just about unable to move, forcing her to bail out of work this morning to rather seek out some medical help first.

This is particular bad news in the light of our trip to Oudtshoorn which starts tomorrow. A weekend away just isn’t a weekend a way if one of the party members are unwell :(

And to rub more salt into the wound, the damn weatherman refuses to give me good news, instead, stuffing charts covered in blue patches up my nostrils, as if to drive home the point that there is no way we are going to enjoy this weekend after all.

*sigh* At least the Cango Caves should keep us a little dry – if we ever make it there.

*Update: Chantelle just phoned to say that she’s back from the doctor. Turns out she got food poisoning from last night’s ribs and chicken from Spur – which now explains while all the toilet paper in my bathroom has disappeared.