hipster rain cloud by wingedjusticeMan, this week the problems have just kept piling up. Chantelle has been sick with Bronchitis and now suffering from food poisoning. My flatscreen monitor packed up, and then I discovered that I managed to completely corrupt my Windows user profile in the process of trying to troubleshoot the monitor, meaning I’ve lost the damn machine and need to basically do a re-install (the restore point failed for some reason). Last night I managed to tweak my knee despite my nifty new kneebrace and at the same time broke the strings on my racquet. This morning I am quickly going get my tire seen to, thanks to the slow puncture it has developed.

So in general, problematic situation have kept arising over the last couple of days, which can only make me wonder just what is going to go wrong on our trip this weekend. Should I start doubling my insurance before we leave?

Or maybe we’ve used up our bad luck and are going to be treated with some good luck for a change?

Either way, I’m firmly rooting for the latter! The WEEKEND is here baby! :D

(What could possible go wrong?)

*Update: Seems I spoke to soon. My car is currently sitting getting both of its front shocks replaced. *sigh* Really, things really want to aggravate me this week, don’t they!