ShotgunI’ve begun to hate reading the news, mainly due to the fact that every time you open the paper you are confronted with senseless killings, pain and suffering and to be honest, it is a depressing reminder of just how dangerous South Africa is becoming as a country, and even more so, just how dangerous the world as a whole is becoming.

But then you get these stories, stories that you can’t help but smile at or recoil in horror at the sheer stupidity that we as humans are sometimes capable of.

I can only think that the now extinct Dodos also suffered from these bouts of stupidity.

Straight out of Southworth, Washington in the United States of America, we get a story of a 66-year-old man who was busy repairing an old Lincoln Continental when he got stopped short by a stubborn lug nut that just wouldn’t come loose.

He had already removed all but one of the lug nuts from the right rear wheel, but the last damn nut wouldn’t budge. Frustrated, the man did what any red-blooded DIY man would do, he grabbed a shotgun and fired from about an arm’s length away at the wheel.

Unfortunately for him, complete lack of knowledge of physics cost him dearly, the rebounding buckshot peppering him full on in both legs, with some injuries as high up as his chin. He is currently in the hospital with several severe injuries, but nothing life-threatening it would seem.

The worst of it all was that there was nobody else present during the incident to egg him on, nor was he intoxicated. So no redeeming factors in this case it would seem. Just a plain and simple ID10T problem as we support staff like to label these incidents under.