lcd pc monitorNuts. So I mentioned last week that my (fairly) new second-hand flatscreen monitor had packed up rather unexpectedly, prompting me to haul it into work and get it sent off to our supplier to see if they could repair it.

It’s been gone for a week now, and I couldn’t help but smile just now as I walked back into the office to find it neatly sitting on my desk, swathed in bubblewrap and with a little delivery note next to it (plus, I really needed a smile, because damn, I’m feeling like shit at the moment thanks to this bout of Gastro I’m currently under with).

However, that smile quickly turned into a curse as the delivery guys left and I took my seat, turned to the delivery note and read:

“Faulty onboard Audio/Video controlling IC. Monitor is UNECONOMICAL TO REPAIR”.

Kak. Means I am now sitting with a nice new paperweight on my hands :(

(Well technically it is no longer on my hands anymore. Riethwaan has already swiped it off my desk.)