I wonder if all women are like this when they finally find something that: a) fits b) looks good c) WILL break their man’s bank account? I somehow imagine that they do! :)

Actually, it also kind of reminds me of that cheesiest of cheesiest ‘compliments’ that you can pay to any lady. It goes a little like this:

He says “Wow, those must be space pants that you are wearing!”

She gives a puzzled look. “How so?”

He replies “Because your ass is just so out of this world!”

…followed by a big cheesy grin. And possibly a smack to the cheek (She slaps him, not the other way around. That would be sexual harassment you know).

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Today’s comic comes from Tatsuya Ishida’s Sinfest webcomic, a comic that is always blasphemous, always funny and always a true reflection of people and how they live today (well mostly). Check out his website for all things Sinfest.