Lift WeightsWow, last night was the first time in ages that I’ve experienced a delay with the train system, the result of which saw me only arrive back at Bellville station a good half hour later than normal. I’m thinking it is because the forces out there were doing their utmost to keep me from going to gym. They already lashed Cape Town with enough rain and gloomy weather to put me off, but the delayed train was a stroke of genius on their part, I must admit.

Unfortunately for these malevolent forces, enough is enough and yesterday was the day that I was finally going to return to my gym routine. For a good couple of weeks (if not months!) now I’ve been slacking, using my knee, my health, my level of fatigue and even the weather as factors in not going. In fact, I’ve even used Chantelle’s visits as an excuse not to go train!

But my body is starting to show this lack of commitment to my fitness regime, and to be honest my energy levels appear to be at their lowest ever as well. I’m growing older by the minute and I need to keep at least a moderate level of activity in my lifestyle if I don’t want my health going totally downhill. – So amazingly enough my resolve held, and I did indeed venture to Virgin Active for a totally rejuvenating sweat-out session. It felt good to be home, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the gym had in fact rearranged all the equipment back to the way it used to be – much better if you ask me :) Guess when enough people complain, changes are made.

In any event, hopefully this is the start of a trend and I can finally get my body back on track! I’m planning on going again tonight, and nothing is going to derail me!

(Apart from a train maybe)

We’ll also just ignore the fact that I pigged out at Starlight Diner last night though – I was craving for one of their big Mexican burgers and just couldn’t help myself! Thank goodness Chantelle was home last night, so I could use …Taking her out to supper’ as a valid reason for going :)