Access DatabaseNot the greatest of starts to the morning. Got a phone call just after 6:30 this morning from Kyle, informing me of a power failure that had occurred at work last night and although we didn’t lose any drives on the servers, some of my databases on the site did corrupt.

The main concern was that one of these databases was causing all the Commerce pages to fail to load, and Kyle needed a fix ASAP. Luckily, my site wide framework shares only 4 files, so I directed him via phone to the offending include page and had him delete a line calling the particular database that was causing the problem.

That did the trick, but now that I’m at work I need to try and sort out the mess. I always go for ease of portability, so 90% of the databases I use are simple MS Access databases, but damn, this one’s whole index appears f*cked, so it’s straight to the backup server for me.

It’s Restore Time sucker!