BadmintonLast night was the first night of the week that I skipped out on gym, but only because I was going to play some badminton instead.

The evening had started out disappointingly enough when Ryan and my plan to start our Christmas shopping at Figure-Fanatix was dashed thanks to the fact that for some inexplicable reason or other the damn store was closed. Guess it is going to have to wait till Saturday then after all.

However, this disappointment turned quickly into cheer as the evening progressed, thanks to the fact that for the first time in ages, my knee didn’t give me any trouble on the court. True, I wasn’t nimbly darting around or performing spectacular dives or anything of that sort, but I was able to move around the court without too much difficulty and my knee didn’t give me any hassles. The knee guard is certainly playing its part and I’m glad that I finally relented and purchased the thing.

We played from 19:30 to around 21:40, so it was a good evening’s worth of games, and for a change we were more than just five or six people there for the evening. So for the first time in quite a while, I can say it was a pretty decent round of Goodminton last night.

So roll on weekend, I’m in a damn fine mood :)