pdf generator logoOkay, okay so I posted about initial tentative steps in the creation of a tool way back in post {0104}. Unfortunately, life and work in particular got in the way and I actually never ended up finishing The Watcher: PDF Generator project. In fact, I even scrapped what I had been doing and moved on with other, more important projects.

That is, until now when I eventually got tired of a particular lecturer bugging me to convert files for her, mainly because she doesn’t understand how to do it with the tools she currently has. So my Online PDF Generator project was reborn. Two and a half days later, you can now view the results of my handiwork at www.commerce.uct.ac.za/PDF. The application accepts Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel worksheets as well as any other text-based documents. You simply upload your file, wait for the reply email containing a link to the generated PDF, and then download your prize. Simple, hey?

On that note, November 2007 wasn’t a bad month for programming at all. I created 11 new projects and updated a further 4 of my works. Seems like UCT’s CMS for lecturers, Vula, really is taking some web work off of my hands :)

As per usual, details of all my projects can be found at www.commerce.uct.ac.za/Services/CodeUnit/CodeUnit Projects.

Of course December is going to be dismal in terms of programming output, but only because I’ll be enjoying two weeks worth of holiday! And because I have to exclusively work on the critical Commerce IT SAN system of course’ – :(