ScarfaceNuts. Last night was the first week night that I broke my fitness run. I was all pumped to make the extremely early 17:15 Katabox class last night, mainly because it was bound to be good seeing as it is given by the regular instructor, Denise. I’ve seen her classes from the sideline before, and the high energy, aerobic background is bound to be a killer.

17:15 is cutting it close, and the only way I could make it is by a combination of extremely good luck. I’d need the trains to be on time, and in fact, I’d need the changeover train to arrive at Salt River pretty much on my arrival. From there the train needs to hit Bellville without any stops before the station. Then traffic flow from Bellville Station to Virgin Active needs to be slightly less than usual, and I pretty much need a green run through all the robots to make it on time. An open parking bay, and a quick clothing change should do the trick.

Unbelievably enough, everything worked out and I actually stepped out of my car with a couple of minutes to spare! Unfortunately, the minute I stepped out of the car, a bout of dizziness and weakness instantly flooded over me, and I was forced to turn around there and then and slump back into my car. These moments of light-headedness occur randomly, but they do occur every now and then, forcing me to ingest some food and just sit down and rest.

Logically, the problem is most likely something to do with blood sugar levels (both my dad and my gran are diabetic just by the way), but it has always been pretty manageable and me being from the uber stubborn Lotter man clan, means that I’m not going to bother getting it checked out until I need to.

So gym was a washout last night, and instead I did the other thing that manly men do – I went to Mr Price Home and picked out a new shower curtain and bath towel that my other half has been bugging, no suggesting, to me :)

Household chores, most specifically ironing, was the main port of call for the evening, but I made sure to put plenty of game time in as well, in the form of Scarface: The World is Yours. .Hack is proving monotonous, so I was looking for a nice sandbox game as an intermission, specifically something similar to The Godfather which I had so enjoyed. So far so good, because apart from Tony Montana’s extremely grating accent, the game is decidedly enjoyable and EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Though the swearing/taunt button doesn’t quite make sense to me, I’m guessing fans of the original movie get some kind of kick out of it.