Che Guevara*Yaaaawwwwn* Man I’m bushed this morning. Absolutely knackered. I’m sitting at my desk, scrunching up my eyes and doing my best to make out what I’m typing on this monitor. – It would seem the string of late nights and early mornings this week has at last taken its toll on me – roll on weekend, I need a Sunday afternoon nap!

So today is my liefie’s 27th birthday (Happy birthday love!) and we kicked off the celebrations early by going out with Rethatjie to Buena Vista Social Cafe and Cigar Lounge in Tygervalley Waterfront last night. As always, the place was absolutely packed, but we were lucky to get a little table for the three of us right at the back of the restaurant, propped in the corner and looked down upon by a huge picture of Che Guevara – much to Retha’s appreciation of course (she’s absolutely besotted with him and the Cuban/Spanish culture you see).

We had this rather annoying young waiter who was doing his best to be hip/cool and our friend all at the same time, but as irritating as both Retha and I found him (Chantelle liked him, but she was outvoted) I have to admit that he did look after us very properly, so I can’t really complain. Maybe it’s because it wasn’t a good looking female serving us that I feel so cheated ;)

We had to wait a while for it, but when it eventually arrived, the food can only be described as heavenly. I had an absolutely delectably delicious Chicken-filled burrito that can only be described as mouth-watering while the girls enjoyed’ okay, so I can’t remember what they had, but it looked pretty good too.

The place was hosting a huge party table as well, so the noise level of the restaurant was pretty high which meant I needed to exercise my powers of lip-reading to the max – unfortunately they’re pretty much non-existent, so I have to be honest and say that I missed half of the evening’s conversation anyway. I just sat there looking pretty (suave is the word I prefer), smiling and nodding my head every so often.

That however all changed after we had finished with our food and the waiter organised a spot in the lounge for us. He pulled out all the stops and got us the big comfy leather couch in the corner, and we gratefully sank into it, glad to be away from the rush that was the restaurant section of the cafe. The girls enjoyed their customary cigar and some weird ice-cream based drinks, while I continued to knock back my beer and throw sneaky glances at the footy on the big TV at the back.

All in all it was a great night out and we were pretty sad to eventually leave – but it had to be done because both Retha and I are working today. Originally we still wanted to go dancing afterwards, but Chantelle was easily swayed off this notion at the prospect of going home to open her present (it was midnight already), so off we jetted (I like this pun. I’m not sure what I’ll use when I finally replace the Jetta) back to the flat.

Now unfortunately I’m not a guy that gets very excited often, not even when I receive presents. I’ve broken quite a few hearts by my rather lacklustre gift receiving performances, but unfortunately that is just how I am. However, Chantelle is the absolute opposite, which makes giving her presents such a joy and fun experience.

Seeing as this is the first birthday we as a couple celebrate, I was a bit lost as to what to get her. However, last weekend I had a brainwave and set about Operation Five Senses, completing the mission with much success. So much to Chantelle’s pleasure, last night, just after midnight, she received a mysterious green bag on her pillow.

First out of the bag, a handwritten card with a clue as to the bag’s contents. Next out of the bag: a gift bearing the message …For the delectable sense of taste” featuring the ever popular gift, a box of Lindt chocolates. Next, we got a gift with the message’ nuts, I can’t remember everything I wrote, but it was basically for the sense of hearing, this time Karen Zoid’s new CD that Chantelle was absolutely drooling over.

The third present out of the bag read …For the seductive sense of touch”, this one featuring an ever so cute and sexy little sleeping pants for my liefie (true, this gift is worth more to me than her I guess :D ). The fourth present was my favourite by far – and had me rolling around in stitches at C’s reaction to it seeing as it was just so damn funny – this one reading …For the sweet scent of smell” and contained’ wait for it’ two pairs of socks! Brilliant, I know ;)

The fifth and final gift out of the bag was linked to the sense of sight – and contained an absolutely stunning pair of silver earrings crafted out of green freshwater pearls and other shiny bits, all cascading downwards to look almost like a green little waterfall. I know C’s taste in jewellery now, and if I say so myself, they look absolutely stunning on her!

In any event, all the excitement for the evening was over, so we had coffee and ice-cream, chatted a bit and finally went to bed, the first day of celebrations successfully behind us :)

Tonight of course is the main celebration: we’re looking at cramming about 20 people into my little flat tonight so it should be a blast. I’m just hoping that those 20 people don’t eat all the cake and treats before I get to them though!