Chantelle*Yaaaawwwwn* x10! Man, now I’m really knackered. Bushed. Kaput. In fact, I was so tired yesterday I even managed to miss my train stop at Bellville on the way home, finding myself in sunny Kuilsriver instead (of course, I had to go miss my station on the one day that I needed to be home as early as possible to help Chantelle with all the preparations). Today, I’m on half day here at work, and I promise you that the minute I step in my home later this afternoon I’m going to be collapsing into bed. Ahhhh… that warm snugly pillow beckons me alreadzzzzzz.

So last night was the official …get together’ to celebrate Chantelle’s 27th birthday. Apart from suggesting she do something at the flat when she was flat out of ideas, I actually had nothing to do with last night’s planning or preparations in the end. She invited over 20 of our friends and family (no idea how she was planning on squashing them all into my space in the first place), organised the caterers and cleaned and rearranged the flat. All I had to do was arrive home last night, clear my computer off the main table and help pack out a few things. Sheer bliss in my opinion :)

In the end we actually packed 18 people into the confined space of the flat, which was fairly fun because I could only scrounge up seating for 12, but luckily some of us aren’t that averse to sitting on the floor, so the lounge was quite literally littered with people and food. And oh the food! We had all sorts of delicacies, ranging from cocktail samoosas to a delicious chocolate brownie cake. Our refreshment station was stocked up on wines, juice, cooldrink and coffee and tea – in fact we could probably have sheltered a family for at least a week in the event of a major catastrophe hitting Bellville.

Thank goodness everyone actually arrived a little later than Chantelle had advertised, giving us just that little bit of time extra to finish all the preparations. It could have turned nasty if the first guests pitched up and one of us was still in the shower (only because my brand spanking new shower curtain is transparent you see). It also gave me just that little time to peruse through her stash of birthday choccies, picking out all the best stuff to be squirreled away later. (In fact, I’m hoping she …forgets’ a couple of boxes at home, in a nice easy to spot place as well)

The evening was a great success and I think most of the people had a good time. The flat was noisy with all the chatter, we had music playing in the background, and not too many people messed stuff all over the floor (apart from Karl). I even managed to rouse the rabble into singing a raucously loud rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to my woman as well.

So to Karl, Patricia, Damen, Michelle, Cheryl, Monty, Robert, Tannie (I can’t remember her name), Michelle, Gary, Andri, Malcolm, Corben (okay, he was there because his mommy brought him along), Mom, Pops, Claire and Ryan (I hope that’s everyone) – thank you for joining us last night and turning the evening into such a great success. No thanks for leaving us all those dirty dishes though! :P

Okay, so this years birthday celebrations are now finished and klaar. Now I can snack on the leftovers and hit the sack for some well-deserved nap time!

A side note 1: I still don’t understand why poor Karl was booted out the room when Chantelle was showing off my presents to the rest of the girls last night though ;)

A side note 2: Damn, but Chantelle, your new black-based hair colour looks good! Very sexy babes *mwah* (If you wondering why, the beautification process for the upcoming weddings is now finally upon us – I never such a thing even existed! Clearly men don’t take weddings quite as seriously as our womenfolk.)