Okay that’s it. Those two damn chicks are going to end up as pie if they don’t hurry up with their damn growing up and getting out of here! These still furry feathered bastards are walking around my balcony leaving little packages all around them!

Point in case. Today is hot. It is humid. I am sweaty. I am irritable.

PigeonAnd seeing how the pile of washing had grown, I needed to do the washing – which I duly did and then went outside to hang it up. I struggled to put up the foldaway washing line/frame, stepped to pick up my basket containing all the washed clothes and then stepped back…

…into a freshly laid, wet, warm and soggy pile of pigeon guano.

Luckily for them I’m not a bastard so I won’t wring their necks, but just you see, the minute they leave the nest, that nesting spot is history!

(In fact, we’ve already begun routing them out by moving the pile of chairs from its normal place.)