SaladRight, so since Sunday, Operation Salad has been put into full swing. What this means is that I no longer store any bread products whatsoever in my flat – mainly to prevent me from having any urges to whip up Jam, Polony and Cheese sandwiches whenever I feel like it (and just cut down a little on the complex carbohydrates that I ingest). It also means that I now eat more salads, fruits and vegetables, evident in my new and improved work lunchbox fillings, now consisting of carrots and some or other form of either fruit or plain salad – disgustingly healthy I know, but so far so good as the cafeteria hasn’t been able to lure me in once this week yet!

Of course, eating these type of foods requires preparation time, with the result that I’m spending slightly more time in the kitchen that what I normally do (which is normally just to wash the dishes or fix a Jam, Polony and Cheese sandwich). Leveraging my newly rediscovered culinary skills, I thought it would be nice to treat Chantelle to a home-cooked meal last night, something she readily agreed to. What she didn’t know was that I planned on going all out: setting up a table in the lounge, candles and wine – the works.

Seeing as she was only coming through to Bellville pretty late last night (21:00), I had plenty of time to trudge over to Pick ‘n Pay after work and pick up the necessary ingredients. I went the plain and simple route this time around, cooking some plain chicken flavoured with olive oil and rosemary spices, combined with some white rice, baked veggies (potatoes, carrots and pumpkin) and a little green side salad to brighten up affairs just a little.

She eventually arrived from work and seeing how tired we both still are, we immediately set about tucking into my delicious feast (which she gave the thumbs up to I can happily proclaim). Coffee and some Ferrero Rocher chocolates as an after dinner treat and it was straight into bed for the two of us, just after 22:00 last night!

But the lengthy sleep seems to have done the trick, because I’m feeling pretty refreshed this morning, the first time in ages! :)

It’s just a pity I marred the end of the evening a bit by ripping in half a brand new contact lens I had just freed from its prison two days ago! Talk about throwing money down the drain :(