ChantelleTGIF!! And not just any Friday. The start of my holiday Friday. Okay, so I might not have slept in late like I had originally planned thanks to those now banished pigeons, but nothing was going to stop my good mood. The morning was spent playing games, cleaning my long neglected and disgustingly dirty windows and generally just faffing around the house. Of course, I was also in the process of packing, seeing as the plan was to pick up Chantelle straight after work and jet off to Hermanus for our brief …weekend away’.

We had booked into Pat’s Place in Hermanus for Friday evening, based entirely on the fact that Chantelle liked the pictures on the website and was tempted by the private jacuzzi bathtub under the stars. The drive through to Hermanus was quick and uneventful – the little Getzie drove like a dream again, and before we could blink our eyes we were in main road Hermanus, furtively scanning for our place of stay.

As with most things on the web, Pat’s Place turned out not to be as grandiose as the website had suggested, and certainly not as deserving of its four star rating as what it had made out to be, but the old, high-ceilinged house did offer lots of charm and a good feeling of homeliness, and Chantelle and I quickly made ourselves at home. They have a beautiful young Great Dane puppy there that was intent on stealing our biscuits and a long-haired cat (who had obviously been informed by Bella the Dane) who seemed to love us only for our milk. And seeing that the weather was as good as it was, I even put their pool to more than good use.

Late evening Chantelle and I headed out into Hermanus, marveling at how much the place has expanded and eventfully settling on Chantelle’s perennial favourite, Cattle Baron, for our supper. And as it has become our norm at Cattle Baron, we again outstayed our welcome, leaving only well after they had closed as per usual. Not that we were done for the evening though. On our return to the house, we sneaked in a late night swim under the stars before retiring to our private courtyard to enjoy a warm, relaxing soak in the outdoor jacuzzi tub.

Saturday morning we were up fairly bright and early to enjoy a sumptuous meal prepared by our host Suzanne. We shared the breakfast table with an interesting family from Switzerland, a mom and her two daughters, where we had an enjoyable chat, the more so because this was the first time I had ever met anyone from Switzerland. And for a change it wasn’t me that was messing my drink – this time Chantelle did the honour of bumping her coffee all over my plate :)

Breakfast was a little rushed because she needed to go get her hair prepared and I grabbed the little time to myself to put the Getz’s hubcap on at last (it has been off since our eventful return from the disastrous Oudtshoorn trip!) and grab a last minute dip in the pool before it was time to suit up and make the final scans over my speech before the reason for us being in Hermanus kicked in.

Of course, that reason was the morning wedding of Dean and Zania and we were absolutely delighted to have been invited to the occasion. The ceremony was held in St Peter’s Church, Hermanus – – an old stonehewn church seeped in history and tradition. Zania looked absolutely radiant as she walked down the aisle and Dean was literally sweating rivers as the ceremony progressed. I don’t believe the man could turn any whiter than what he already was! The proceedings were simple, very subdued and the female pastor conducted a beautiful ceremony in which nothing went wrong – even if it looked like we had a seriously strong possibility of Dean fainting on our hands.

The proceedings eventually came to an end, we showered the newly wedded pair in bits and pieces of’ stuff and they sped off in their bright red vintage mustang, photographer in tow. Actually I don’t know how many photos the pair did eventually end up posing for, but I can say that the rest of the guests waited almost an hour at the reception venue for the couple to arrive! But arrive they eventually did and we all bustled in to the quaint little Kate’s Village Restaurant to rest our weary legs.

Good pal Mark Draeger, Dean’s Best Man, played Master of Ceremonies for the day, and the reception got started off with all the customary speeches and whatnot, including a stand up routine by yours truly. Dean had in fact been a little worried about entrusting the Best Man speech to Mark, so instead I had been asked to deliver it, and deliver it I did. In fact, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for Dean entrusting it to me in the end – in fact I’ll post it in a future posting just so that you know the pain and embarrassment I put him through in the end :)

After all the formalities were said and done, we got to tuck into the absolutely delicious food (including a chocolate fountain for dessert!) and polish off the remaining Champagne, something which both Evan and Chantelle attacked with so much vigour that I was seriously considering stealing some bottles off the other tables to satiate the two of them! The afternoon passed and in all honesty, the wedding and the reception were both perhaps the quietest, most un-raucous events I’ve ever attended – and yet the tone of both the events suited the personalities of Zania and Dean right down to the T. It was a joyous occasion in celebration of the two of them and I can say it was an absolute honour to be there.

We had to skip out a little early though, thanks to the fact that we needed to race back to Bellville in order to get Chantelle home in time for Claire’s Hen Party in the evening. Apparently they were in for one raunchy, drink-fuelled night, with the promise of pole dancing lessons and who knows what else! (In fact Chantelle did eventually come home with more than a few fun stories to tell!). As for myself, I spent a quiet Saturday night on call, just in case Claire and the gang needed a designated driver for the evening as was the original plan. Ryan (also on call) eventually joined me, and we ended up playing FIFA and NBA Jam for the rest of the evening, patiently waiting for the phone to ring.

In the end it didn’t and we got off scot free – thank goodness because by that stage I was just about forcing my eyes open with matchsticks thanks to the fatigue that was now heavily hanging over me! Luckily Chantelle was feeling exactly the same as me and we both hit the sack pretty hard.

Sunday and unfortunately we weren’t given the luxury of catching up on some of our sleep, all because Chantelle was signed up to be working the morning shift back in Gordon’s Bay. So we got up and I saw her off, leaving me up and about on my lonesome for the rest of the day – which was well spent on just lazing about, playing games, watching anime and reading comics – all vitally essential things to a healthy upbringing for any Craig if you ask me. Although, I did take some time out of my busy schedule in order to bake an absolutely scrumptious, heart-decorated cake especially for my liefie as she was due back later the evening (for suit hiring on Monday morning).

She arrived a little earlier than expected, just in time for my planned Sunday afternoon siesta and in fact the rest of Sunday passed by pretty lazily, with me even fixing her a grandiose supper consisting of chicken breasts and salad. Maybe not a meal fit for a king, but with the chocolate cake for dessert, I could hardly go wrong! :)

And so the first weekend of my holiday passed, jam-packed with wholesome goodness, fun and activity – leaving me pretty exhausted in preparation for the next one – which is going to be just as big! ;)