So yesterday morning saw the unsavoury task of hiring a suit for Claire’s upcoming wedding unfold. Chantelle is going all out for this wedding, meaning I need to look dandy as well, so much so that we decided it best that I hire a suit for the occasion.

I don’t like wearing suits in general, but seeing that I don’t do it all that often (mostly for funerals anyway), I didn’t put up too much of a fight and went along with the idea.

As always, my perfectly located flat is indeed just a stone’s throw away from a good suit hire place and Chantelle and I took a chance that it would be open on a public holiday. As it was, we were in luck and they were indeed open (though only for returns), and the guy running the show there was more than eager to help us out.

I had decided to let Chantelle make the decisions (which is why I brought her along), but I put my foot down whenever she and the assistant mentioned anything containing the word ‘pink’. That is still, and will always be, a no no for me!

LegoMy ego took a slight knock again when they firmly decided that the new look mandarin jacket was out of the question because it made me look too ‘stocky’. (It hadn’t helped that on Saturday at Dean’s wedding, his mother failed to recognise me, listing the fact that I had ‘gotten so fat’ as the reason for failing to remember me! :( )

However, luckily the good ol’ standard suit still looks good, so we’ve gone for that one – combined with a bright blue, shiny tie. Okay, so Chantelle isn’t quite sold on the tie yet (or the length of the suggested pants), so even with the booking I’m STILL not quite sure how I’m going to look come Claire’s wedding!

Oh well, at least the suit hire process took us all of 15 or so minutes, leaving us with plenty of time to nip out for a quick breakfast at Casa Blanca.