Parking Garage TicketYou know that feeling you get when you are on top of the world? The feeling where you are numero uno, when you are the top dog and you can do nothing wrong? I get that feeling quite often actually, and I like it.

In fact, Chantelle likes to say I don’t walk around. Instead, I stride around. Anyway, Merkaba, Ryan and I had just finished watching Hitman (thoroughly enjoyable action flick), and we had parted ways so that I could pop into Pick ‘n Pay and pick up my replacement iron (sadly, no Toledo 2000 was available in the end). I got the stuff I needed, headed out towards the exit and paid my parking ticket.

As that heart-warming feeling of cockiness washed over me, I confidently strode out to my car, chocolate bar in the one hand, packet of groceries in the other. Striding past the lesser mortals around me, I climbed into the car, bit into the last bit of chocolate and opened my wallet to pull the… ticket… out.

Huh?!? I swear I had it on me just a second ago. Frantically, and looking decidedly uncool, I searched the car top to bottom, and still no sign of the damn ticket. Eventually conceding defeat, I slunk back out the car and methodically retraced my steps back to the mall’s entrance doors.

Lo and behold, as luck would have it, I spied with my little eye a ticket lying on the ground next to a BMW’s back wheel. Grabbing it, I sighed a sigh of relief as it checked out as my lost ticket. Feeling a lot less cocky that what I had felt just a couple of minutes ago, I slowly picked my way back to the car and left, a burning reminder not to be so cocky in the future etched in my mind.

*sigh* Next time I’ll spend more time concentrating on my ticket than on my chocolate bar I guess! :)