BeltSome of the beauties my beauty sporadically comes up with are just too good to pass up, and today’s gaff was one of her finest ever! :)

To set the scene, we were located at Mr Price, Tygervalley, amongst the hordes of last minute Christmas shoppers. The mission was… well what women do every time they can get their man into a clothing shop – look for fashionable clothing that he would never buy himself unless under the influence of copious amounts of liquor.

In any event, my bokkie was having a successful run and as we passed by the belt rack she couldn’t help but ask whether or not I needed another belt. She picked one off the rack to look at, but I pulled it away exclaiming that this one wouldn’t be a good choice.

When asked why, I explained that the belt was a low quality leatherboard belt, and that material tends to break and tear very easily when it gets wet.

To which a very bemused bokkie loudly exclaimed, “How would a belt ever get wet?!?”

Which was around about when I explained the concept of rain to her…