BeltAs irony would have it, karma’s backlash for my public outing of C’s blonde moment less than an hour and a half ago has been swift and damp.

The weather was looking rather nice, hot and humid as hell to be more precise, and I needed a couple of groceries from Pick ‘n Pay across the road. No problem, I pulled on my takkies, grabbed my cap and hit the street as I’m prone to do whenever I utilize the shops in close vicinity to me.

A quick walk later and I was happily browsing the isles in search of my latest tin of coffee and milk stash. I couldn’t help but grin when I got a SMS from C telling me off in a joking fashion for posting her ‘oopsie’ moment online.

Chuckling to myself, I picked up my packets, and stepped outside… right into bucketloads of pouring rain.

Good thing I wasn’t wearing a leatherboard belt then ;)

And yes, I am still sitting here wringing out my socks!