RoastThis year Chantelle and I celebrated Christmas with Monty, Cheryl and the rest of the gang, so yesterday after Chantelle finished up at work, we headed out for lunch with the Montgomery’s, bottle of Champagne and mince pies in tow. We arrived to the heavenly scent of roast meat on the fire and after all the customary hellos and best wishes, quickly got down to the task of handing out the presents.

Today was Chatelle’s turn under the Santa’s Helper hat, and she gleefully presented Nola, Robert, Cheryl, Monty and I with more gifts than any old stocking would ever be able to hold. I think everyone liked the gifts that Chantelle and I had picked out (correction, what Santa had picked out) – in fact even the personalized calendar I had been so dubious about seemed to hit the spot.

My already impressive tally of gifts expanded with a nifty pair of sunglasses and a cool wireless keyboard/mouse combo which I’m already putting to good use! You may be wondering just how it is that they knew exactly what to get me, but I’ll let you in on a little secret – I make a wonderful little Santa’s Helper too! :)

With the presents all unwrapped and the floor literally littered with paper, we set about to the most important business of the day – lunch! And boy were we in for a treat. Monty, Rob and Cheryl had prepared an absolutely scrumptious meal for us in the form of roast lamb, Weber chicken and a Best of Both roll (a combination of pork and sirloin), supplemented by a delicious potato salad, cucumber salad and corn salad – not that I know whether or not the corn salad was any good of course, seeing as I don’t go within a meter of corn without a good baseball bat. But the others all liked it, so I’ll take their opinions on this one. Oh and don’t forget the Champagne – Old JC Le Roux was flowing freely as it should be!

For dessert we were in for a treat, with Cheryl preparing her world famous trifle, an absolute taste sensation for anyone’s taste buds!

In any event, by the time everyone had finished their meal, we were all sitting with our belts loose and top buttons undone, ready to roll out of the room and hit the beds for the customary Christmas afternoon naps. In fact this wasn’t so much of a nap as it was a full afternoon snooze – both C and I were completely out of it for the rest of the afternoon!

We eventually arose though, only to find Monty on his way to work and Rob and Nola long gone. Not wanting to leave Cheryl alone for the evening, we proceeded to spend the rest of the evening for an enjoyable little visit, though we did sneak out for a fun 30 minute walk – just to try and get the blood pumping to our stomachs again!

It was an enjoyable Christmas, crackers and all, and both Chantelle and I thoroughly enjoyed it – but now we still have to get through today’s feast with my parents as well! Oh, the scale is going to be groaning after this festive season is all said and done! :)