BostikI’ve recently been introduced into the wonderful world of collectible figurines, and as per usual with anything collectible, I’ve jumped in feet first!

Most of these figurines come in packed in extremely durable plastic, taped and cable-tied all over the place to hold everything in pretty much Fort Nox secure mode. However, much to my horror, it would seem that this seemingly secure packaging doesn’t always do its job.

Case in point, a recent purchase of McFarlane Toy’s Conan Series 1 figurine Skifell was all nicely freed from it packaging, placed on its spot and left for all to behold, when I noticed that the helmet that was lying loose in the packaging didn’t seem to go anywhere.

Consulting the, I found that the helmet was in fact meant to be attached to the chain hanging of Skifell’s belt. Sure enough, on closer inspection, I found two marks on the helmet which indicated that a piece of plastic had indeed broken off. Even worse, a section of one of the horns was in fact also broken, something I hadn’t previously noticed.

Now I’ve quite a bit of experience with plastic models and other collectibles, so I know that doing any kind of repair work is always a very messy, sticky affair.

That was until I discovered Bostik Blits Stik Gel at my local Pick ‘n Pay yesterday! What a godsend! This …super glue’ is as strong as other traditional super glues, even setting a little quicker than most of them! But more importantly, its gel consistency means that it doesn’t run like conventional glues, meaning that precision work such as model repairs is a breeze. I couldn’t believe just how easy my repair job turned out in the end! :)

Just a note to remember though: This stuff bonds literally in second – not a great idea to get on your fingers or skin whatsoever! :(