New Year2008 is here at last! Happy New Year’s to everyone that stumbles upon my little space on the Internet. Here’s to hoping that 2008 is even better than 2007 was – and that all your New Year resolutions actually come true for a change ;)

Our New Year’s celebration plans made a last minute change as we swapped our plans to spend New Year’s with Retha driving around Sea Point and the rest of the Southern Suburbs to spending it at a …work function’ at Gordon’s Beach Lodge deep in the heart of Gordon’s Bay. It was a good swap because Chantelle got to impress the boss by being on duty on Old Year’s Eve, we got some great food and drink thanks to all the effort that the guest house goes to, and the company in the form of Andrea and her friends was destined to be fun.

After spending a fairly relaxing day on my lonesome, fitting in some gaming, household chores, a swim at mom’s place and even an invigorating gym session, I eventually drove through to join Chantelle and the gang who had already been slaving away for most of the day. On arrival I was greeted by a glass of champagne and from that moment on the celebrations began. We were a nice mix of a crowd, with the guesthouse guests joining in with Wammy, Louise and Andrea’s family and friends to make for one big party. Louise and the girls had prepared a succulent feast for us to enjoy and before long we were tucking in like there was no tomorrow. The drinks were flowing freely, everyone was chatting and it was a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable vibe (actually, it was a lot more relaxing than what Chantelle and I had originally planned for our New Year’s celebrations, truth be told!).

As midnight crept upon us, the guys got the big fireworks out and we headed out to the beach to join in the spectacular exhibition of colourful explosions that seemed to fill the entire night sky. Our own little exhibition wasn’t bad at all, with some pretty nice explosions and one near death experience to bring in the New Year.

Midnight struck and one customary New Year’s kiss later, Chantelle and I had officially seen in our first New Year’s together. – So here is to 2008. May this New Year bring you all the blessings and good tidings you could ever hope for!

I know it is going to hold only the best for the two of us! :)