SuitSquirrel nuts. I’m back at work today again, after a thoroughly relaxing and deserved plus minus three week long break, which started way back on December the 14th, the day right before Dean’s wedding. Since then I’ve been quite busy actually, though looking back at everything past, it doesn’t seem like I did actually achieve anything though! No matter, I feel rested and ready for work, so it is all good in my books :)

I ended my holiday on a high note, with Tuesday being jam-packed with activities which saw Retha, Chantelle and I traipsing around the Sea Point area on an absolutely stunning Summer’s day where we enjoyed a light lunch at Newport Deli in Mouille Point, a stroll around the Promenade with Sinnful Ice-Cream in our sights (it was unfortunately closed though) and then finally a drive through to Blauuwberg beach for some amazingly delicious soft serves (though the wind was threatening to blow it back in our faces!). The day was ended off with a viewing of Jerry Seinfeld’s latest offering, …The Bee Movie’, an enjoyable little romp, before we finally took our leave of Retha and went on to a well-deserved snooze-fest.

Yesterday’s planned sleep-in never happened thanks to Chantelle agreeing to help out with one of her staff members in giving her and her sons a lift to Bellville train station. So we were up and at them pretty early on, drove through to Gordon’s Bay, picked everyone up, drove back to Bellville, dropped everyone off (including me), and the C was left with the unenviable position of having to drive back to Gordon’s Bay for work purposes. This left me pretty much to my own devices, which in the end meant I got to spend my final day at home behind the PS2, clocking both Scarface and Musashi in one sitting! :) (And – I wonder why my eyes are so bad sometimes!)

Like I said, the holiday was pretty busy, what with all the weddings, lunches, Christmas, New Year’s and house moving, that it doesn’t really feel like I actually had a holiday in the first place. But then again, this is the first time in years that I’ve actually been at my flat for holiday, so it was kind of nice for a change.

But make no mistake. I’m itching to get behind the keyboard and get coding again, so bring on the pain: The Webmaster is now IN’