Girl in Rain7th of January 2008. The scheduled start of C&C’s new year campaign to shake off the excesses of this past festive season.

The plan is simple enough. Now that Chantelle is signed on with Discovery Health for her medical aid and has access to Discovery Vitality, we’re going to make use of their gym membership offer and sign her up with Virgin Active so that we can begin gyming together and so doing motivate each other towards a healthier lifestyle. As it is, I pretty much took this holiday season off, foregoing any training whatsover, the result of which means that I can now roll down the stairs.

Without hurting myself.

Already my fridge is stocked to the top with the usually absent green and red things like lettuce leaves, tomatoes and those other healthy foodstuffs – I believe they are called ‘fruit’ and ‘vegetables’ – all waiting to be transformed into a variety of salads and other inedible meals.

My gym bag is packed and in the car, and my earphones and phone battery are charged and ready for action. In fact, I’m so ready for this that I put on my good walking shoes in preparation for this morning’s walk up to campus from the train station…

In the rain.

Which I didn’t expect.

Does anyone have a dry pair of socks to loan me? O.o