ShirtWell now, that’s bloody embarrassing. I came through to work via car this morning, thanks to the fact that we as a department are being taken out to lunch later today by our hardware supplier. So going in by car means that I was up and dressed before 06:00, arriving at work at 06:30.

It is now 08:59 and I have just returned from a trip to the restroom. Almost 3 hours later, and only now I realise that I have been wearing my shirt INSIDE OUT the entire time! And only because I saw it in the mirror and couldn’t understand why there were so many threads hanging about on it.

None of my colleagues mentioned anything, meaning a) they didn’t notice, b) they were being polite or c) they were laughing very hard internally and had to concentrate not to crack up in front of me.

Naturally I’m going with option c). I have included a picture of the offending shirt with this blog post, but at least it is now the right way round! :)