GolfBeing back at work already is proving rather enjoyable, seeing as Friday’s workload consisted of going out on our postponed Christmas lunch from last year, courtesy of our hardware suppliers, LightEdge. Jackie and Bobby had organized for us all to meet at Dias Tavern, an informally decorated Portuguese restaurant close to Cape Town Castle. Apparently their night life is something else to experience but come Friday lunchtime it was all about the food.

To start things off we entertained a large seafood platter (not my favourite type of food by a long shot), but once the salty Portuguese anchovies were out of the way, it was all me. I swiped for myself a delicious Portuguese Rump, basically a piece of steak fried in wine and drenched in a spicy sauce with a grilled egg on top (I have no idea why most of their food had a grilled egg on top of it). Sizzling and absolutely delicious, it was the perfect complement to all the beer I was guzzling down! :)

The trip home was’ long, and when I got home I immediately collapsed into bed and proceeded to sleep the next couple of hours away! When I eventually arose, there wasn’t all that much evening left over and I pretty much divided the evening’s activities between quality time with Devil May Cry 3, writing and anime watching.

Saturday morning and again I woke up completely fatigued. Not sure what was up, but I spent most of the day in a half dazed, listless state. I did a ton of cleaning and tidying up from Thursday’s group supper as well as whole lot of other chores, generously sprinkling gaming and TV time over the mix to provide me with a day that I can only describe as’ relaxed.

Come early evening though, and I shot out here like a bat out of hell, heading straight for Tygervalley, and more specifically the Woolworths within. My mission was simple: buy a nice looking pot plant as a gift for Zania and Dean for their housewarming get-together in a little while’s time. I found the plant (but not the training shorts I took a quick look at – damn these thunder thighs of mine at the moment!) and headed off to Ryan’s place where we set about following my dodgy memories regarding the directions to Dean’s new place that I had received from him a little earlier.

Surprisingly enough, we actually found the place without any difficulties – even more surprising, Merkaba had beaten us to the punch and got their first. I must say, Dean’s place is absolutely gorgeous – beautifully finished and wonderfully decorated, situated in a very nice complex with a large adjacent private field as an added bonus. Evan and one of Zania’s friends joined us and we set about doing the whole Tongmaster circle thing as Dean attempted to get the boerewors on the go. In the meantime, Zania and her mate tackled the unenviable task of buttering about a gazillion bread rolls – for some or other reason Dean must have thought an army was going to descend upon them!

A nice little extra was the fact that Dean and Zania’s wedding pictures had arrived already, and we pretty much wasted no time in grabbing the album and dissecting each photo and adding colourful commentary where necessary. I must say that their photographer did a top job with the pictures (even though for some strange reason he made me appear rather unattractive in most the pictures I starred in! Of course, it could have also been my fault for a bad wardrobe malfunction in picking a light green shirt in the first place! Stupid sweaty underarms’)

With Hot Fuzz playing in the background, we enjoyed a relaxing evening of talking rubbish and eating boerewors rolls, only eventually decided to bugger off late night on suspicion that the neighbours might be getting annoyed with all our loud, never ceasing chatter :)

Sunday morning, 6:00 and I was sitting in the car with pops, mom and Ryan on our way to Worcester, Worcester Golf Club to be more exact. We were joined by Marius, one of pop’s colleagues and we set out on our epic 18 hole conquest, with mom in tow as the official golf cart driver.

Worcester golf course is a beautiful course with lush fairways and immaculately cared for greens, and we saw more than our fair share of them as we trudged along the entire length of the very, very long course. Of course, the beautiful fairways and greens aside, Worcester does have the misfortune of having the most terrible rough imaginable. Thick, bushy desert vegetation on rock hard clay does not make for the greatest outings should you hit the rough. And once you do get a ball in there, chances of finding it ever again are pretty, pretty slim.

That said, despite the fact that this is only the second time I’ve ever played on a golf course and have only hit the golfing range less than a handful of times, I was pretty pleased with the fact that I only lost a couple of balls – in fact, pops probably lost more than the rest of us all combined! In fact, I was more than pleased with my approach play. Okay, so maybe I didn’t hit the fairway all the time, but I did hit the ball cleanly a lot more than I missed the damn little thing, so I was a pretty happy chappie overall. Unfortunately though, a lot less can be said about my chip shots and my putting – perhaps I should visit the Putt Putt course a little more regularly if I want to go golfing again! :)

Golfing took up pretty much the whole day, and by the time I finally arrived home, it was once again straight to bed for a couple of hours of zees. I won’t say I exactly awoke afresh, but I had enough senses to end the evening off by playing games, typing blog entries and munching on a nice green salad.

Ah, the joys of a relaxing weekend!