Light BulbAh, officially the first day of the new year, yesterday saw basically all South African industry get up from its drunken stupor and get back to work. From the builders to the factories, everything except Jackie Selebi was up and running once more.

Which is quite possibly why we were immediately hit by a rolling blackout by our beloved Eskom.

Two hours without power in the IT industry can only be described as frustration to the max. All these lovely machines in front of you and no power to feed the poor hungry bastards. Oh well, thank goodness I stocked enough magazines in my satchel to get me through this time of hardship and lack of coffee. Though in hindsight, I wish I hadn’t already almost finished Popular Mechanics by the time the power cut hit, meaning I had to lose all credibility when I pulled out a copy of Zoo Weekly.

At least I was safe in the knowledge that my area in which I stay tends only to get scheduled blackouts during the day, meaning I was pretty much assured of having power when I eventually got home in the evening (remember, the trains also need electricity to work). Of course, this was of paramount importance as Chantelle was signed on to cook supper for us last night and it was scheduled to be my first ever tasting of sole (no, not the ones at the bottom of your feet).

Going to gym on the other hand proved fruitless as that particular area was also experiencing a power cut, meaning that the only alternative was to gym in the dark surrounded by a 100 sweaty bodies with no air conditioner in sight. As you may very well imagine, the air was pretty unbreathable and if felt like you were in a sauna. So while I did the effort of getting dressed and pushing a few weights around, I didn’t stay longer than 10 minutes before beating my way out towards the sunlight.

One interesting thing I did however witness last night was the stark reality that reverse BEE is in fact in place, alive and well in our New South Africa. I mean, where else would you see a white woman …gartjie’ (taxi fare collector) attracting commuter to their minibus taxi? You see something new everyday!

Any way, so today I have my last magazine packed in just in case (unfortunately it is a copy of FHM – also bound to get a host of comments and probably be stolen off my desk) and I am hoping that they can spare us just a little power this evening – I want to go Tae Bo again! :)

P.S. Chantelle’s sole was indeed very delicious.

P.P.S. The lemon slices are in fact intended for the fish.