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ActionTrip comics ran this little gem a little while ago, and I couldn’t help but pick it up and make a comment. No matter who you speak to, the story is the same. The minute you get married you immediately lose the right to any interior decorating urge whatsoever. At best you might be …loaned’ a study or den to do with what you please, but even then you have strict rules on what is and what is not acceptable. What might have once been your space is now forever lost, destined to be covered with family portraits and yellow daffodils.

Could this be the subtle, subconscious way in which women try to subvert us men? Is it a challenge to show who actually wears the pants in the house?

It doesn’t matter how big and strong you as a man are. It doesn’t matter how stubborn or how much of a pig you may be. The minute you and your wife move into together, kiss your style goodbye!

(Um, is it okay to post this love?)

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