Badminton SmashLast night I was back on the badminton court for the first time in a quite a while and I was quite pleased with my progress overall. The knee remains iffy, but it has definitely strengthened considerably enough to make the odd dash around the place. Lunges are still out as far as I can tell, and I also have a slight problem when jumping and landing again.

The knee guard is going to stay put for a while, but overall I am glad with the progress. The last couple of days I have also restarted my jogs down to the train station in afternoon, and so far it seems to be holding up just fine. It does however still give trouble on any sudden twisting motions as I found out while testing its suitability for a return to karate training. So no luck on that front I am afraid. :(

The games last night in themselves weren’t too bad either. It was only six of us there on the evening, with the Lotter clan ruling the roost with our four-strong showing of Pops, Ryan, Mom and myself. We had a couple of nice men’s doubles games, and I am glad to report that my new, stricter regime of eating salads and a lot lighter foods (while skipping daytime snacks at work) appears to be paying off as I was able to play feeling a lot lighter and with a lot more energy. Hell, I was even moving around the court for a change, so it is definitely a step in the right direction towards losing this excess weight that is dogging me and trying to regain my lost fitness.

Outside of the games, I also got to play around with my Pop’s new toy, a brand new TomTom GPS system which he purchased for the car. I’ve only ever played around with market leader Garmen’s interface, so I was more than pleasantly surprised at the TomTom’s offerings. Seems like a nice and solid, easy to use system. And as if that wasn’t enough, I also got to listen to my Pops excitedly telling me all about the 2007 Lexus GS300 that he was loaned while his Lexus was in for its service – it seems like this model of the luxury Lexus is indeed the bee’s knees. Hmm’wonder if my Pops is starting to think upgrade again? ;)