DegreeRyan got some great news that his work through UNISA has now finally been audited and he is now the proud holder of a university degree in Information Systems with the graduation ceremony scheduled for May.

I just want to say that I am extremely proud of him and congratulate him on this achievement. Anybody that studies through UNISA can tell you just how hard it is to study via correspondence and the amount of self-discipline it takes to actually sit down and do the required work while at the same time working a regular job and trying to keep together a semblance of a social life is extremely high.

Even more impressive is Ryan’s great scores and the fact that he completed his degree well within the specified time period, unlike most people who usually end up extending their studies by a year or two.

So, my heartiest of congratulations Ryan on all your hard work and sacrificed hours. Keep up the good work and come over to play games more often now seeing as you all of a sudden have all of these extra …social’ hours available to you! :)