DanceNOVASometimes I am such a sucker for a good bargain you know. I simply can’t say no! :)

Case in point: Gaming sucks up a lot of time from your life. It doesn’t matter whether it is controlled or not, it still ends up taking a lot valuable hours away from you, and when you don’t have all that many free hours anyway, some things are bound to get sacrificed. Like my drawing and painting for instance. I haven’t put pen to paper in ages, simply because I am forever busy trying to clock my latest game.

So I vowed to myself that after I finish up with Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, that would be my last purchased game for the next couple of months (Not that I purchased it in the first place though – it was a Christmas gift as I recall) and I would instead focus my energy and free time on other pursuits.

Of course, this resolution didn’t last for very long as Ryan informed me about Tomb Raider: Anniversary on sale for a 100 bucks, a deal on which I simply couldn’t pass up. Nevertheless, I vowed that this one would be the last.

Strangely enough though, I have been looking into purchasing a new Dancing Stage game to replace the ones I gave away to Liz, simply because:

a) I really enjoy the fun little game (even if I look like an idiot doing it – which is why it gets done in the privacy of my flat in the first place);
b) Chantelle finds the idea extremely fun and is keen to try it out;
c) My thighs are currently the size of small tree trunks and anything that forces me to move my feet more quickly than that of a lumbering elephant has my vote; and
d) It is fun to listen to the neighbours below me bang on the walls when I jump up and down – I’m still not sure why ;)

But I’ve put this plan on halt simply because I can’t find a decent game anywhere for under R300. In fact, even the ever reliable Take 2 wasn’t much of a help when I checked it again on Tuesday evening.

And as evil does whenever it sees a soul ready to be tempted, it waited for exactly 10 hours after I checked Take 2’s site and then proceeded to blitz my weak resolve with some insidious help of Mr Brown.

While I was sitting working happily at my desk on Wednesday morning, what should pop up but a message from Merkaba completely out of the blue. The message simply contained a link on which I then duly clicked’ which brought up a massive list of games on sale from Take 2. And I’m not talking your bargain bin list either – good stuff at prices too difficult to refuse. And to make the dissolution of my resolve even sweeter, just what should be on the list that just 10 hours earlier cost R280? Why Dancing Stage SuperNOVA for the gobsmacking low price of R129 of course!

Buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy!

I also somehow accidentally ended up adding Demon Chaos and Castlevania: Curse of Darkness to my shopping cart at ridiculously low prices as well. Don’t ask me how, but I like to think I save on shipping costs this way :)

So as you can see, promises remain promises and I’m afraid that my paintbrush is going to have to lie still for a couple more weeks after all.