Originally I had plans of taking Chantelle on a sunset cable car trip up Table Mountain last night, but thanks to Monday night’s catastrophe that saw a power cut disable the cable cars leaving countless people stuck up on the mountain and quite a few (now very claustrophobic) people trapped in the cars, all alone in the dark and swaying in the high winds, I decided that maybe this wasn’t the greatest of times to be doing it. As it is, it looks like the area did indeed suffer a power cut last night, so I’m glad we decided to abandon our original plan.

This was all well and good anyway, because instead we spent the evening enjoying a raucous braai at the Montgomery’s place in celebration of Cheryl’s sister being down in Cape Town on a visit from America. As always, Rob was brilliant in the role of Tongmaster behind the raging fire, serving up a delicious assortment of chicken and sausage for our mass consumption. Combined with salad, veggies, farm-style baked bread and copious amounts of beer and red wine, we had everything needed to enjoy a supper fit for a king. Chantelle secured some delicious cheesecake and ice-cream for dessert and by the time everyone was finished no one could have complained about going home hungry.

Of course, what made the evening so enjoyable was the fact that everyone had so much to talk about, particularly with Debbie there (the last time she was year was about 2 years ago apparently), and because I took the firm decision in turning the television off early, the fun and games went on well into the night – which was just a well because last night was so hot and humid that we struggled to sleep in anyway!