AcerWork, work, work. I have so many missed deadlines on my plate that I don’t even know how I missed them in the first place! This weekend was pretty much booked to get as much work done as possible, but as always, life couldn’t help but steal a couple of hours here and there!

Full Friday this time around, but I got an unexpected phone call from Ryan asking if I wanted to join him as he was on his way to pick up Claire and Riley and take them to the airport. With no reason not to, I readily agreed and that’s how we ended up sitting in peak hour traffic on the N2. However, despite the GPS’ best efforts in trying to get us lost and Ryan’s notoriously pensive and defensive driving skills, we actually managed to get Claire and Riley to the airport with oodles of time to spare.

With that mission complete, I eventually got dropped off home, with just enough time to have a quick supper and then get ready for Friday Night Movie Night, the pick for this week being National Treasure 2 (Not work you’ll note). The usual gang of Terrance, Ryan and I went through and ended up watching a thoroughly enjoyable and fun movie – even if I’m not the world’s greatest Nicholas Cage fan! The movie didn’t end up all that late to be honest, but seeing as I was feeling so knackered and had a lot of work to get through the next day, I pretty much hit the sack straight after getting home.

Saturday morning I wasn’t up quite as early as I had originally planned, meaning I ended up skipping gym and hurriedly getting ready for my appointment with the hairdresser. Chantelle had insisted that I use the same woman I used for my haircut for Claire’s wedding and I am pretty glad that I followed her advice. The lady did indeed give me a far better cut than the usual local hairdresser does and I walked out of the small Brackenfell beaming an extra sexy smile with my now even more suave than usual look.

From there I drove through to Bellville to pick Ryan up, as he wanted to accompany me to Figure Fanatix in order to survey their new stock that arrived and also to help me pick out his birthday present. We picked out a pretty cool Tiffany the Amazon figurine from the Spawn Adventures series for him and he also ended up picking up a hilarious Simpsons model too.

The next step on my impromptu extended shopping trip was a ride to the various local PC suppliers in search of my replacement LCD monitor. Having just spent R3000 on the servicing and repair of my car, I wasn’t all that keen on spending a large sum of money again so soon, but I needed to work this weekend and that is something I just couldn’t do on my old CRT monitor at home. Luckily we didn’t take too long to strike it lucky as Incredible Connection had exactly what I needed at a fairly reasonable price. The clincher of course was the three year warranty I got on the monitor and I eventually walked out of there with a beautiful Acer X193w 19 inch widescreen monitor tucked under my arm.

Back at home I set about downloading and installing the necessary drivers for my new piece of hardware, as well as installing Visual Studio 2008 on my machines so that I could finally get down to business. Not that it went all that quickly mind you – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a program take so long to install – I basically had enough time to rearrange the furniture in the flat, do the washing and drink a lot of cups of coffee before it finished up.

However, once installed, that was pretty much it for the day. I spent the remainder of Saturday locked in my flat, furiously tapping away at the keyboard, pausing only for a healthy salad supper and an hour long stroll around the block in the evening to get some fresh air!

Sunday wasn’t all that different from Saturday in that I spent the majority of the day working on SAN Access and SAN FMS 2 again. However, I didn’t have the whole day available to me as it was also Ryan’s 25th birthday as well. So late afternoon I found myself at Mom’s place enjoying a nice variety of cakes and tart while Ryan happily unwrapped the exceedingly cool figurine that Chantelle and I had bought for him.

Seeing as I had already completed so much work over the weekend, I opted to stay over for a braai, leaving only to go pick up my swimming costume because damn, it was bloody hot and humid over the weekend and a swim really was what the doctor had ordered. Dad did some scrumptious steak and pork shoulders on the fire and we ended up have a great supper together.

I decided to continue taking the evening off when I finally got home at last, using the rest of the evening to finally put some gaming time in on my Tomb Raider: Anniversary quest – which is taking far longer than what I had expected – the puzzles are taking me a while to work through I must admit.

So for the first time in a very long time I didn’t really have a lot of fun over the weekend, but I did get a copious amount of work done which means I can say that I will finally have a completed beta SAN system in place by the end of the week – which hopefully also means that next weekend I can have all to myself again! :)