PastaWork and the distance between the two of us in terms of staying locale comes between Chantelle and myself quite a lot these days – generally I only see her three or four times a week (which includes every second weekend), the result of which means that when she does eventually come through to Bellville, we generally have so many other commitments to honour, like seeing friends and family that we hardly get to spend a lot of quality time alone in each other’s company.

Seeing as to my mind I hadn’t treated her in ages, I organised with her that last night I was going to take her out to supper for just the two of us. The venue for the evening was to be good old La Romantica in High Street, Durbanville, a pick that excited Chantelle because she had in fact never been there before. So all dressed up and ready to kill, we headed off to Durbanville (with a slight detour to C’s mom’s place first – Chantelle’s car had again packed up and we needed to borrow the Atos for the time being).

La Romantica is billed as an upmarket Italian-themed restaurant that is decorated very much in a store-house-deco theme (think Primi Piatti) but just more warm and cosy than most other restaurants that go for that particular style. The tables are nicely spaced out from each other and generally the restaurant is pretty busy, which means there is always a nice and relaxed vibe in the place. They have one of the most extensive menus you could ever ask for, ranging from salads, pastas, and pizzas to poultry, seafood and grills – all which apparently are very tasty choices. And of course they apparently have a delectable range of desserts, though Chantelle and I didn’t take a look at that particular menu this time around.

While Chantelle tucked into her starter of deep-fried Camembert cheese followed by a succulent steak, I did something I have never ever done before – for the first time in my 27 years of existence in this world I did the unthinkable – I ordered pasta in a restaurant. And man was it delicious. Spicy Beef Ariabatta with tagliatelle, the meal was delivered in a huge bowl which I then proceeded to devour at the speed of chow. (Of course, being fairly unfamiliar to the world of pasta I did manage to mess all over the place – thank goodness I had chosen to wear a black shirt for a change!)

It was a wonderfully relaxed and comfortable time that we spent together, sampling good food and just chilling in the unrushed atmosphere of a restaurant only half full and I’m glad I made the effort of treating my liefie to a night out again. It makes for a nice change of pace!

Like I mentioned earlier, you might have noticed that I said we skipped the dessert menu. Why in the world was that? Well’ I mentioned to Chantelle the delicious Peppermint Crisp tart and Chocolate cake my mom had baked for Ryan’s birthday on Sunday and Chantelle was instantly eager to have some of it. So we called Mom up and invited ourselves over for coffee straight after our meal. Delicious!