+- 2002 version of craigI thoroughly enjoyed the stitch-inducing Katabox class at gym last night and seeing as I am slowly but surely beginning to get my state of mind right regarding exercise, I though I might as well do this picture post because, …well everyone loves pictures.

And seeing as I like to complain every now and then about my weight and how I’d like to lose more of it and get a little fitness back in life, it is good to point out that there is in fact a limit to what I want to achieve. The reason? The first two photos of me below (probably around 3 or 4 years ago) are pretty good justification for not going overboard this time around. (The third photo is a recent shot to show the difference)

Back then I weighed in at a crazy 65kg, was as active as a jackrabbit and looked as scrawny and attractive as an anorexia sufferer in a beauty contest.

I think I like my meatier self a little more already! :D