JoggerSjoe, what a busy week I’ve had. Monday evening I took Chantelle out for dinner and then finished off the evening with a visit to my parents. Tuesday night I had the guys over for our FIFA tournament. Wednesday evening Chantelle and I had supper over at Claire and Riley’s place and last night we went out for supper with Retha! Looks like I will be needing this weekend just to recover!

Apart from the frustrating discovery of the stolen car badge (chronicled in post {0513}), the evening ended up being quite enjoyable for a number of reasons which was a good thing because I was seriously pissed off after the discovery.

The first thing that has to be mentioned is that last night marked the first opportunity that Chantelle and I finally got to go out for a run together. We headed off to my favourite jogging spot, Welgemoed dam, straight after work where we went for a short but enjoyable first run together (unfortunately we only had 30 minutes to work with, but next time I promise it will be longer!)

I was very proud of my baby because she is not a natural born runner nor has she done any kind of jogging in I don’t know how many years but yet she was still totally game for last night’s session and performed admirably in my opinion. We broke the session up into walking then jogging and then walking again to catch our breath, repeating that cycle all the way around the rather large dam. At the end of the little trip we had both worked up a nice little sweat and are now both completely psyched and keen for the next time. Simply put, I can’t wait! :)

Like I said, we had a limited time to work with because of our earlier commitment to go out to supper with poor old Retha who was feeling a little neglected thanks to the fact we haven’t seen her in such a long time. As per usual I just got told where to drive and we ended up meeting at Ocean Basket in Canal Walk for logistics sake.

As always the girls tucked into their horrible prawn thingies with incredible gusto while I daintily picked at my fish and chips, avoiding eye contact with the horrid sea cockroach carcasses that were piling up on either side of me. To complete the meal we had brought with the bottle of wine which had come back unopened from Claire’s supper on Wednesday night and I must admit that damn that baby of mine has some good taste. Thoroughly delectable choice as always babes! :D

With supper out the was and me feeling considerably broker as is always the case, we then decided to go bug those fine fellows at The House of Coffees – where the girls could smoke (not that they had a lighter mind you) and Chantelle could tuck into a cinnamon bun. We also sneaked in a koeksuster from the batch that we had purchased for Retha, but only after I convinced Chantelle that we can only do it after we had left the coffee house premises!

As always it was a fun get together but I was pretty glad when we eventually got home and I managed to this the sack – even if I only got to sleep at 01:00 this morning! (Which is only a problem because I woke up at 04:00 again and then got up and ready for work just after 05:00!)

So, any guesses as to what I am going to be doing this weekend while Chantelle works then? ;)