TroubleDo you know what is really silly? People who forward jokes without really understanding them themselves, that’s who! Like this guy I saw at Pick ‘n Pay yesterday while on my horrible grocery shopping extravaganza. Now you all know those funny t-shirts that have some or other funny or rude slogan printed on them and that everyone walks around wearing proudly, no matter how offensive they may or may not be?

Well this guy obviously didn’t understand the one he had picked out. Happily strolling along with his wife, the guy was wearing a shirt emblazoned with “Trouble is my middle name… Do you want to get IN trouble?”

Of course, even with half a mind you can immediately see the joke hangs entirely on the word IN (hell, it is even in CAPs for goodness sake!). Though if you are still a little lost, this might clear it up for you…

…it is a WOMAN’s shirt! :)

Oh yes, if you want to see where the shop that the guy bought it from got it originally from, go here. (The “Pooping in progress” kid’s shirt is my favourite by the way)

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