DDRAt last! A chilled evening where Chantelle and I could just laze about and watch television for a change – what bliss! And a much needed evening of quiet time in all honesty because it looks like the weekend is going to be a bumper one again, what with meeting up with Retha in Strand/Gordon’s Bay on Friday night, Gary and Michelle’s wedding on Saturday and the dreaded 2nd ever meeting of the parents on Sunday evening for supper.

I skipped out on my now routine katabox class as we had organised to go for a nice walk when Chantelle arrived home after work in the evening. Of course, unable to resist my new toy, I happily warmed up for the walk by stomping around on my dance mat, resulting in a very bouncy and very sweaty Craig opening the door for his lady when she finally arrived. Of course, first things first, C hardly had enough time to put her stuff down before I had dragged her into the lounge, put her unwilling feet on the mat and pushed the play button!

A few wobbly moments in which I braced myself to catch her, C quickly got the hang of it and it wasn’t two minutes before I went out to get my second mat and join up with her. We played a couple of quick songs before she got frustrated enough to remind me about our walk so that was that for Dancing Stage for the night – but don’t you fret – I plan on getting her back on track tonight! ;)

Not that I’m complaining about the walk though – we ended up going for a brisk walk interspersed with jogs that lasted just about an hour long and left C in serious need of a foot massage. Of course, I didn’t oblige, but we did go to Roman’s Pizza instead in order to soothe the pain. Seeing as I had made her jealous with my tales of their pizza on Friday night, C was determined to give them a spin – with much positive results I tell you! I once again went for my tangy Russian with added pineapple while she picked out the spinach and feta Greek pizza with added bacon.

For viewing entertainment, we settled on watching a taped copy of that much talked about Carte Blanche show from the other day regarding Eskom and the current SA power woes. Neither of us had seen this expose yet and boy was it an eye-opener! It is unbelievable this web of lies and deceit Eskom seems intent on continuing to feed us as our country slowly grinds to a halt. All I can say is good work Derek Watts and the team, but still, I kind of wish Deborah Patta had done the show – she would have grilled the Eskom representatives on the spot!

In any event, although the trains were delayed today (I don’t think Eskom was behind this one though), Eskom isn’t going to be able to derail my day – I’ve got TWO copies of Popular Mechanics in the bag as reading material! Just in case, you never know…