TypingAargh! The futility of it all! The last while I have been rather busy at work (to say the least), particularly on the SAN system which needed to be in good working condition by this morning because we are finally going ahead and installing the production storage area network hardware today.

And of course, as karma would have it, the minute I have a really, really important project to work on, tons of other jobs will keep cropping up at an alarming pace. Of course, I can’t ignore these requests as they tend to be needed to be done ASAP, with the end result that my SAN system is not quite where I would have liked it to be. It works but the client interface is not anywhere near completion in terms of functionality.

This doesn’t really bother me all that much as I know I have been working hard and that there is only so many hours in a day, but what really does get my goat is when the lecturer walks into the office this morning, approaches me and thanks me for the emergency tutor application upload system that I created but then proceeds to tell me that they’ve decided in the end not to make use of it.


Over the years I have lost count of the number of unused projects that I have been forced to craft for people only to have them abandoned before they are even used! *Sigh* the futility of it all…