Last week Ryan and I got worked up into a frenzy when we finally made a move to try something out that we have always joked around but never taken to seriously. One of the UCT research departments had found themselves in a serious pickle as they did not have the necessary competent staff to draw up an essential and urgently required research database frontend and as such, news of their dilemma quickly filtered through to me via the usual grapevine. Now I know that their problem stems back from a couple of months ago already, so to hear of it now means that they really are in deep trouble indeed, and it is all thanks to a couple of their staff members who lied on their CVs! logo

Now Ryan and I have always joked about starting up a little software development house between the two of us seeing as we both have the necessary complementary skills ranging from desktop software development right through to complex web development. This would have been the perfect test for the two of us to see if we could in fact work together and we both quickly cottoned on to this idea. Hosting, business cards and logos were discussed and I hurriedly sent off a nice and professional meeting request to the research department in question.

Unfortunately, the reply we received back was less than pleasing as it quickly became apparent that they weren[ … ] Damn. The rest of this post appears to have been lost when I switched from Simple PHP Blog Framework over to WordPress. Sorry about that :(