Well last night certainly was loads of fun, so much so that I got a whole 4.25 hours of sleep to carry me through today. The main culprit behind this sleep deprivation? None other than that mad hatter Iradney that tends to show up on this blog every now and then! So, if you ever see this woman pictured below, run for the hills. Or if you are a little unfit, pile into a golf cart and ride for the hills ASAP or as fast as the little car will take you!


In preparation for the awesomeness that is Starlight Diner’s food, Chantelle and I stepped out for our long walk again on arrival back home after work. For time constraints we had to cut the walk a little shorter than last time, but we still walked for a good 45 minutes if not longer, ending it off with a nice little jog towards the finish line.

Stomachs prepared and showers taken, we then headed out to pick up Mr Brown and then made our way through to posh old Welgedacht were our old pal Lenore was awaiting us. Lenore is an old school friend and I haven’t seen her in a good five or six years since she moved out of the Cape. Terrance on the other hand hasn’t seen her since school which is now a good ten years ago while Chantelle hasn’t seen her in twenty seven, so you know this was going to be a reunion of note!

Lenore is currently down in the Cape to wish her parents farewell as they are making their way over to Canada on a working visa for three years. When we heard of this plans were immediately discussed and when I heard from her this week I immediately jumped in and organised for last night’s visit, picking out Starlight Diner because a) it is open 24 hours (and we would need ever single one of those!) b) the food is bloody good for a diner and c) they have large leather-like, very comfortable seating around big tables which means you are never pressed for space.

The fact that they are renowned for the world’s best Oreo milkshakes sealed the deal for the girls and that explains why I as the designated chauffeur found myself on the mean streets of Durbanville and Welgemoed last night! :)

Lenore is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Upbeat, quick-witted, chatty, friendly, shameless and funny to boot, there are very, very few people who don’t get on with her and Chantelle immediately hit it off with her, going so far as to even begin swapping recipes with her! Of course Terrance and I have been in contact with her via Facebook and Messenger for a while now, but offline communication never beats the real thing and pretty soon the stupid comments and silly sayings quickly flooded into the conversation, which by the way pretty much covered every topic under the sun, from flooded houses to plastic surgery to sex to torture gore in movies.

One of the more amusing things we discovered last night though had to be the fact that Lenore in fact had dated the very Albert that Andrea is about to marry in June/July a while back. My goodness it is a SMALL world and that bit of info had us in stitches! Of course, being from the same school way, way back, Terrance, Lenore and I delved quite a lot into old school talk, leaving Chantelle in the dark for large bits of the conversation, but at least she could keep herself well entertained by playing with the oversized matches that Lenore had brought with! We’ll just call Chantelle the worst prepared smoker ever! ;)

Oh and in case you were wondering, the food and drink was just as good as always. Note to self: must go to Starlight Diner on Tuesdays more often. Tuesday night is free burger night and I now have tonight’s supper safely stuck in my fridge already!

Seriously though, last night’s get together was simply fantastic and it was fabulous to catch up with Lenore again, so much so that we even went in for coffee first when dropping her off, only leaving the shady confines of Welgedacht well, well after midnight! I think everyone had a good time and without a doubt, we should definitely do this more often when she comes down to town again!

P.S. Nearly forgot this one: Chantelle provided us with a great blonde moment again when she went off to find the waiter to ask for the bill because she was taking so long, and promptly ended up asking one of the other patrons instead! Much embarrassment ensued and she was forced to come back and hide behind me! :D