ValentineSo yesterday marked Chantelle and my first Valentine’s day as a couple and therefore needed to be done just right. I had already done the gift shopping on the weekend before where I had found the most beautiful little heart pendant which afforded me the perfect opportunity to blurt out some cheesy lines like ‘jy is my hart se punt’ etc. come the big day. Oh course, good old Lindt had to worm its way into the package as well, all of which was rounded off by a classically cute and fuzzy giant oversized card.

The bouquet for the evening was purchased on Wednesday evening and as always around this time of year it is thoroughly amusing to watch the queues in Woolworths or Clicks frequented by men who usually wouldn’t be caught dead in either shop during any other time of the year, frantically clutching on pretty displays of flowers and pretty much nothing else.

Seeing as my early plan of surprising Chantelle with a visit in Gordon’s Bay had fallen through thanks to the generosity of her employers, we had switched plans to make it a romantic evening at her flat where we would cook supper together and just generally relax in one another’s company. I of course couldn’t contain my excitement and rocked up there a whole half hour earlier than what I had intended to – causing me to inadvertently catch Chantelle in mid-preparation, and thus spoiling her surprise for the evening :(

As it was, the level of sophistication difference between the two of us was immediately apparent as I rocked up carrying some bottles of wine, chips and chuckles (chocolate malt balls) as snacks while we cook supper, only to discover that she already had the champagne ready and was working on some succulent pork ribs and garlic bread as a snack! Heck, even the candles were already set up and ready to go!

Thankfully I managed to pull some dignity out of the bag with my gift which she seems to really like and looks absolutely fabulous on her. I on the other hand got the perfect gift too – Lindt chocolates! :) (Seems we both know what the other wants!)

We had an absolutely fabulous evening together even though Valentine’s didn’t quite pan out quite as was originally planned, but still, all is fair in love and war. So for one last time love, Happy Valentine’s Day! *mwah* Here is to making everyday special and treating you like the princess that you truly are. Love you lots my angel!