Friday, 15 February

Larry SofferAfter a late night out in Gordon’s Bay, I arose pretty damn early in the morning to drive through to work along the N2, arriving there around 06:00 and managing to beat Kyle to the punch in the process which is completely almost unheard of in the first place!

Work as per usual was rather frantic and for every one email request I dealt with, two more arrived to take its place. This is becoming pretty frustrating because I can’t get anywhere with my project work and pretty soon I am going to be neck high in the doo doo :(

Nevertheless, come 12:00 and I was out of there, heading home and stopping by the gym for a brief workout before going straight to my machines at home and continuing to work for the rest of the afternoon. Luckily the weather was pretty crappy, making it the ideal working environment for me.

Chantelle was a little held up thanks to her work, but she managed to get here just before we had to leave again, and amazingly enough we actually got out on time. Our destination: the Pavilion Theatre, BMW Pavilion, Waterfront. The show: Larry Soffer, Master Magician.

Now I had a bit of a head start on knowing just who Larry Soffer is seeing as he was the table magician hired for our PASS staff function towards the end of last year. I had convinced Chantelle that he was most definitely worth the watch thanks to his wide repertoire of tricks and his particularly freaky “mental” and “metal” abilities.

Now, he describes himself as a mentalist, performing tricks with the power of the mind which is fuelled by self belief and is currently one of SA’s top magicians and is pretty much recognised world wide as one of the top upcoming talents in the magic circles. This is the third time he has had a run at the Pavilion Theatre, but in all honesty this was the first time I had ever heard of the show. Turns out I wish I had heard of it earlier because we were in for one heck of a top-shelf act!

As an audience we were completely blown away by his unnerving psychic tricks where he would inexplicably draw what an audience member had drawn, come up with the pet name and pet type that someone had written down and perform some spine-tingling predictions that never seemed to fail. He had some amazing card tricks and of course, his bread and butter spoon and fork bending repertoire kept us on the edge of our seats!

However, it was his big payoff trick for the evening that has to be seen to be believed, a trick he calls the Gypsy Rope trick. I’m not going to say much about it except that if you want to be part of the show, be sure to wear a dinner jacket to the event!

As a performer Larry is a pretty friendly and entertaining guy (and thankfully not as greased up as his promotional photos), though he does come across a little nervous at the beginning of the show he certainly hits his stride as the show progresses. The Pavillion Theatre itself is a great venue for this kind of thing because you are nice and elevated above the ‘stage floor’ and get to look down on Larry as he performs all his tricks through the course of the evening. Of course for some of the finer sleight of hand tricks we also get treated to a camera image projected on a nicely sized screen directly above and behind Larry. A nice touch is the way he goes to great lengths to involve the audience in the performance and because he is a close-up magician by trade, it is great to see so many people called up to the stage to play a part in the evening’s proceedings.

It is a wonderfully interactive experience that will keep you guessing and in absolute awe and is most definitely worth the ticket price (though personally the choice of a slightly less scary looking stage assistant might go a long way in making the show an even greater success). Both Chantelle and I thoroughly enjoyed the show, even if Chantelle left feeling a more than a little freaked out! :)

Anyway, after the two and a bit hour long show, C and I then headed out into the V&A Waterfront on what was truly a breathtaking evening. The mall itself was packed so we opted to grab some KFC to satisfy our munchies and sat in the amphitheatre chowing like there was no tomorrow. Magically I managed to keep Chantelle from the Haagen Daaz store that was right there next to KFC and we jetted off back home to go straight to bed, all in preparation for the coming schedule of Saturday…

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