Sunday, 17 February

GolfWhile Chantelle got to sleep in nice and late on Sunday morning (she only had a stork party to attend later in the day), I was up and about at 05:00 already, busy getting ready for the day’s golf excursion. Ryan and Pops pitched up at the flat around 06:00 and off we headed toward Worcester, with me fast asleep in the back seat!

With mom not joining us this time around and therefore no golf cart tagging along behind us, I was in for a long, long walk. Luckily Monty organized his old golf bag cart for me so thank goodness I didn’t still have to lug my golf clubs around on my back the whole day as well! As with last time, pop’s colleague Marius joined us (late again) and off we headed on our day long luxurious walk in nature, broken up by the occasional search for the damn little white balls that seemed intent on getting lost all of the time.

It was an absolute scorcher of a day without a cloud in the sky and by the 16th hold my feet were all but ready to cave in on me. Thank goodness for suntan lotion but not so much thanks for forgetting to cover my arms and my earlobes – all I can say is ouchie today! The golf itself was a grand old affair and once again it was entirely a story based on inconsistency. Last time I had gotten away with losing almost no balls on our 18 hole excursion, but this time I wasn’t to going to be half as lucky. At the end of the day I had literally lost a bucketful of golf balls (correction, a bucketful of Ryan’s golf balls) and had spent almost as much time in the scraggy rough as what I had on the fairway!

Happily enough, my putting compared to last time was far more polished; in fact I even managed to sink a fairly long range putt that put me completely over the moon! Of course, this was generally the exception to the rule as my generally poor chipping and finesse game let me down so badly I hardly got to putt anyway! :)

On the tee-off I wasn’t all that bad with the driver, making some good connections – just a pity they didn’t connect with the fairway all that often! Still, despite all the swearing, cursing, fluffed shots, lost balls and general kak play, ever once in a while you pull off the most spectacular of shots and you are immediately back in love with the game – it is those little moments that makes the game of golf so worth it! :)

We were out in the searing heat from around 07:20 until 14:00, so as you can imagine we were pretty exhausted when we finally sunk the last putt and dragged ourselves into the bar for a quick drink before hitting the road for the long trip home. And seeing as Pops was driving, I got to sneak an afternoon nap on the back seat in as well!

We stopped off at Mom’s place where mom gave me the most delicious apple tart and rusks to take home and I got Ryan to help me steal Claire’s old chest of drawers and take it up to the flat. Once that was all done, I promptly hopped into bed next to C and slept the remainder of the afternoon away – ah bliss!

For supper Chantelle cooked me the most amazing chicken and pasta-thingie dish which we complemented with a delicious chilled white wine and followed it up with some decadent Woolworth’s tin roof ice cream and some of mom’s apple tart. However, we had to eat pretty quickly because next on the list of things to do was shoot off to Cape Gate in order to catch the 20:00 showing of 1408, a film which Chantelle was rather keen on watching.

Personally, I never enjoy suspense/horror/thrillers and as such have never been a Stephen King fan, but I guess it is a small sacrifice I now need to make seeing as Chantelle is such a great fan of the genre. Luckily the movie has a nice and tolerable 13V rating and I could sit and marvel at the well done visuals and great use of sound instead of squealing like a little girl every time the director tried to give the audience a fright. Actually 1408 wasn’t all that bad a movie, mainly because I have always like John Cusack as an actor, but it definitely was not on the top of my list as something I wanted to see. However, Chantelle enjoyed it and that is all that counts :)

Luckily the movie wasn’t all that long because it had been a long day and my time out in the sun was starting to show so it wasn’t too long after we had arrived home that Chantelle put this grumpy old man straight into bed, tired and sore but thoroughly happy after one heck of a busy and pleasurable weekend!