Otakus have garnered a pretty bad reputation amongst more ‘normal’ members of society, being dismissed as overly obsessive, anime-worshipping, complete Japanophiles and generally being unable to act normally in society without shouting some weird and cutesy Japanese word every 10 minutes. It also stands to reason that these usually fairly geeky people also don’t have the greatest of social skills and in saying that, implying that these boys don’t get to see all that much ‘action’.

However, if that is the case, then I am completely and utterly baffled by this: the Gundam-branded line of condoms.

Gundam Condom1 Thumb
Gundam Condom2 Thumb Gundam Condom3 Thumb Gundam Condom4 Thumb
I wonder if these ever see the light of day or if they remain packaged, tucked away in the recesses of an Otaku’s Shonen Jump mag for the remainder of their lifespan? O.o