BrainI came across this doozy of an article a little while ago which made for quite an interesting read. It turns out that through deep brain stimulation (basically electrodes embedded in your brain), it is quite possible to stimulate the brain in such away that the effects of memory loss can in fact possibly be reversed.

The discovery as a whole came across entirely as an accident when doctors were using deep brain stimulation to try and treat an obese man suffering from a 30 year long eating disorder. The treatment didn’t solve his obesity, but it did unlock a lot of memories for the chap, a result that puzzled the doctors involved in the study.

As the treatments continued, the man’s memory improved which has led scientists to believe that it might be possible to develop a brain ‘pacemaker’ to help improve memory loss. Of course a more focussed study is under way with some new test guinea pigs under the electrodes, and it is hoped that a breakthrough in this research could very well be a boon for Alzheimer’s disease sufferers in the early stages of the disease.

Although the prospect of having an artificial live current running in my head isn’t all that appealing, the prospect of scientists coming up with more and more solutions to the ever increasing global problem of dementia most certainly is!

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