Trivial PursuitColleen had invited us all over for a big board games evening, but unfortunately Chantelle was working which meant I got to partner Ryan for the evening. Amazingly enough, my rather hazy memory got us right to Colleen’s doorstop (on time I might add) and after a bit of a wait for the rest of the crowd to pitch, we got stuck right into the heavy business of 30 Seconds.

Seeing as Karl and Pat were both there as well, the rest of the group wasted no time in splitting the pair up thanks to their legendary teamwork at this sometimes nefarious game. Shame, I think Karl and Pat have got to be the unluckiest couple in the world because I don’t think anybody EVER lets them play together on the same team!

I would like to stress that my team was horribly hampered by the little 4 month old tiny tot (who looked a little like some kind of alien mouse or something – my fatherly genes have obviously not kicked in yet) and that it was entirely the reason to blame our first crushing defeat on. Unfortunately despite my protests the win held and the humiliation of having lost the first game was there to stay *sniff* ;)

Thankfully the all girl team (apart from Ryan who was on their side) took pity on us and redistributed the teams for the next round which although ended up a lot closer this time, still left me shedding a slight tear for yet another loss. Thankfully there were plenty of snacks to console me as always!

Scared of yet another defeat at the hands of 30 Seconds, our next challenge was Trivial Pursuit. Deciding that ‘Genius’ sounded too tough, we opted for the ‘Teen’ version of the game, a mistake soon realized when the other team romped off to a rather quick and easy victory – again. Despite the fact that we did manage to get a couple of cheesies thanks to my gut feel that only let the team down once (stupid Transvaal) it wasn’t enough to stave off yet another defeat.

By this time it was almost a good three hours of game time already, and most of the guests decided to call it a night (Ryan and myself included), but particularly so because the next game had just been announced was Trivial Pursuit: The Lord of the Rings Edition. The minute it was announced Pat’s eyes lit up and everyone in the room knew it was time to beat a hasty retreat, leaving Colleen and her husband Craig with the unenviable task of taking on the dream team of Karl and Pat.

Thankfully we got out in time and Ryan rewarded me for my quick feet by giving me one of mom’s treasured pieces of Fridge Fudge on our return home. Aaaaah, bliss! It is just a pity I wasn’t able to swipe the whole bowl from him when he wasn’t looking! :(