lady wearing bright red lipstick getting quite an unexpected surpriseSo we had a rather funny incident at work (for us) the other day. A young Indian researcher brought her laptop in to us for repair, something about the hard drive giving hassles or something like that. She left and the guys proceeded to wrap it up to be sent off to our supplier. On opening the DVD tray to check for any disks that may have been left in the machine, Riethwaan was amused to find a hardcore porn DVD present. As unexpected as this was (and I do mean unexpected based on the girl who had brought the laptop in), we couldn’t just leave the DVD in the machine to be sent off with it, so we had to take it out.

Later that day the girl returned to the office and while she was waiting to be helped, she surreptitiously had a quick check to see if the DVD was still in the laptop because obviously she had realised her mistake by this time already! Unbeknownst to her of course, we were watching her and couldn’t help but laugh when she discovered that the disk wasn’t there anymore. Of course, we haven’t told her about the disk yet and she hasn’t asked, but needless to say we should be in for quite an embarrassing little scenario some time in the near future – unless of course she cuts her losses and ‘forgets’ about it completely! :)

Seriously though, you would be amazed at the amount of personal stuff some people leave lying around on their machines when they bring them in for repairs. There are more than a couple of lecturers and staff that we can’t really look in the eye anymore and there is one old couple in particular that we don’t ever want to see again… one word: wrinkly! O.O

So just a tip for the future: Should you ever need to take anything into any repair shop whatsoever, please make sure that you’ve scrubbed it clean of all… personal… stuff first!